Wellipets History

Our History

A fairy tale about frogs and princes

Wellipets Frog Boots Sketch

A British Heritage Brand

Wellipets has a long and rich history dating back to 1983. Founded in the United Kingdom, it was the first rain boot ever to mix the traditional wellington rain boot design with a playful element, namely the frog.

Drawing inspiration from nature and her animals. Being the first to bring this unique design to the world, Wellipets became a famous rain boot, mainly in the United Kingdom, but also well beyond from France to Japan.

Lady Diana - The Frog Princess

The British royal family

Contributing to this fame is the British royal family. Through genuine interest, Princess Diana dressed her children, Princes William and Harry with the Wellipets for numerous occasions.


Wellipets Tradition

Reinventing Wellipets, while still respecting our rich heritage. Wellipets are 100% made in Italy by master craftsmen, from last to handpainted details.

Wellipets Today

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Today Wellipets have been honed to perfection, from a better fitting to being fully sustainable and circular.
Sustainable Brand

More dedicated than ever

Continuing the philosophy of us being responsible for taking care of nature, Wellipets dedicates itself to restore and maintain the eco-systems of frog habitats in order to have a real and positive impact on nature and it’s biodiversity.